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Learn Italian at Strada22 Edinburgh
Strada22 Italian lessons in Edinburgh

Our new project.

Your journey into the Italian language

Strada22 is an Italian school born in Edinburgh from a collaboration between El Patio and Claudia Musorella: the only Italian in a Spanish family. Strada is the Italian word for road, but it also has the figurative meaning of journey and path. 
Learning a language is a journey, a beautiful one to enjoy at each step of the way by appreciating every small achievement. The beauty is, above all, in the journey, not just the destination. In the Strada22 journey you’ll be learning the Italian language and discovering Italian culture in fun, supportive and cooperative classes, focused on communication from the very first lesson. Along the way you’ll meet interesting people with the same interest as you in Italy and the Italian language. 
We really hope you’ll enjoy your Italian journey with us.

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