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Who we are...

A new way to learn Spanish in Edinburgh and online

El Patio is a project developed by Must Be Spanish, a group of friends that years ago made a big decision: create a community of learners. We knew it wouldn't be easy but our motivation and enthusiasm helped us to work hard and believe in our shared dream. Now, over 8 years and countless courses later, our aim to provide a new way of learning Spanish in Edinburgh and online has come to fruition. And buoyed by the success of our Spanish classes, we've since added Italian to the mix, extending our teacher family in the process.

Oscar Gonzalvez Spanish teacher El Patio


Co-Founder & Spanish Teacher 

"I graduated in dramatic art at RESAD in Madrid and I was part of several theatre companies until I met my current partners and decided to start this beautiful adventure with El Patio. I got my Diploma in teaching Spanish as a foreign language and since then I have been loving teaching Spanish"

Rocio Lara Spanish teacher El Patio


Spanish Teacher

" I was born and raised in Madrid, where I graduated in Illustration, Design and Publicity although life and my need to live new experiences took me to Italy and now for the second time to Scotland. Through these experiences I decided to change my professional course to dedicate myself to another of my great passions next to art: languages. Got my certificate as a Teacher of Spanish as Foreign Language and since then, by teaching Spanish I found the perfect link to be able to merge creativity with my great passion for the Spanish language"

Natalia Pereira Spanish teacher El Patio


Spanish Teacher

"I started teaching Spanish grammar and literature at high school in Buenos Aires, my hometown. My experience as a teacher was very rewarding and I always knew I wanted to devote myself to it. After leaving Argentina, living in Spain and sharing a different way of speaking Spanish, I got my diploma to teach Spanish as a second language. It is wonderful to be able to share my own language and I am very happy to be part of the El Patio project"

Veronica Lopez Spanish teacher El Patio


Co-Founder & Spanish Teacher

"As an educational psychologist with experience teaching languages at secondary school and uni, I decided to jump into this project after realising how exciting and challenging it was to teach my own language to others. Got my Diploma in teaching Spanish as a second language and started this venture"  

Ruben Barrera Spanish teacher El Patio


Co-Founder & Director

"I moved to Edinburgh from Madrid after finishing my Master's degree in Business Management & CSR. I met my partners and fell in love with the project, since then I got my Diploma in teaching Spanish as a second language and I have been enjoying El Patio and its community" 

Nicole Labastie Spanish teacher El Patio


Spanish teacher

With both of my parents having been teachers, it was only natural that I was to follow the same path. I attended Teacher Training College in my native Buenos Aires and obtained a degree in English. I also specialised in British History and I did both a Diploma and a Teaching Certificate in Teaching Spanish. I’m very happy to now be living in Scotland where I am able to share my language and culture with people who are as passionate about education as me, while they simultaneously teach me about their own.

Our new project...


This is where your journey into the Italian language begins. 
Learning a language is a journey, a beautiful one to enjoy at each step of the way by appreciating every small achievement. 

Strada22 Italian lessons in Edinburgh


I’m Italian, from Siracusa, Sicily, and since 2012 I have lived in Edinburgh. I have a master’s degree in International Relations and a huge passion for languages: I speak French, Spanish and English. After a teaching experience in India, I decided to turn my passion into a career, and I trained to become a qualified Italian teacher. I got my Dilit-International House diploma in Rome and since 2018 I’ve been happily teaching Italian as a foreign language.

Claudia Musorella Italian teacher Strada 22

Companies we work with...

CinemaAttic Edinburgh
Pick&Mix Digital Edinburgh
Taylor Hopkinson Glasgow
Edinburgh Spanish Film Festival
Galliford Try Edinburgh
Exova Glasgow
027Lab Edinburgh
Jobsora language teachers
TSB Bank Edinburgh
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