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Learn Spanish in Spain

Practise Spanish in...

One of the best ways to practise and improve your Spanish is by immersing yourself in a Spanish-speaking city.

El Patio offers a cultural immersion programme which aims to strengthen students' confidence in using the language. As such, classes will focus on everyday Spanish and we'll ensure a range of approaches and activities that encourage interactions between students and native speakers. What's more, we'll organise unique, outside-the-classroom activities that'll see students tackling common everyday situations all while soaking up the local highlights. 

Visit Spain

Discover a city!

You will have the chance to visit a city were we'll enjoy their museums, different areas and buzzing streets. Not to mention the local gastronomy! 

Spanish course abroad

Practise Spanish!

Dynamic and engaging activities to improve your communication skills while getting to know more about Spanish culture.

Spanish students at La Bola

Live the culture!

Cultural activities and visits that'll give you the chance to practise what you learn in class in a wholly Spanish environment.

Book your Spanish course

Book it!

Included in this immersion programme are your Spanish course, cultural visits and accommodation.

Don't miss your chance!

Madrid city centre

Discover Madrid.

Madrid, cheerful and vibrant any time of the day and night, is famous for being an open and welcoming city for people from all over the world.

Beyond its famous museums, busy streets dotted with all kinds of shops, restaurants showcasing the best of world cuisine and an unbeatable nightlife, Madrid will also surprise you with historic spots that charm all passers-by. Here you'll find  traditional, family-run, century-old bars where friends meet up for drinks, and myriad neighbourhoods and cultural hot-spots that offer up an alternative type of tourism. Madrid's authenticity is had to beat. It is welcoming and diverse. Madrid is - without a doubt - one of Europe's most interesting cities. 

Our students say...

The immersive trip to Madrid with El Patio was extremely well organised. I really enjoyed being immersed in Madrid and its culture and would definitely go on another such trip in the future. Highly recommended!


How long is the immersion trip?

The trip to Madrid last five days.

We arrive on the Sunday and leave on the Friday.

What is the max number of students who

can come on the immersion trip?

We will arrange groups by Spanish level,

and limit each to 10 students max.

Are the plane tickets and airport transfers

included in the price?

Plane tickets are not included in the cost of the trip.

Airport transfers are similarly not included.

How do I book my place?

Get in touch with us, by email or phone, and we'll organise an assessment test and send you all the detail information about the trip.

How do I know if I have the right level to take part in the immersion?

We'll give you a placement test to assess your grammar level and a spoken test to check your confidence in speaking Spanish. Once we have that information we'll confirm with you whether you have the right level to sign up.

Can I come on this trip no matter my level of Spanish?

Our trips are planned and designed for students who have already have some knowledge of Spanish. But do get in touch with us anyway, even if you've never studied Spanish before.

Is travel insurance included in the price?

Travel insurance is not included in the price.

How can I pay for the trip?

Once we've had a chance to check your level and confirm there are places available, you can make your payment by bank transfer and confirm your booking.


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