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Learn Spanish in Madrid

Practise Spanish in Madrid.

Gran Via Madrid

Discover Madrid!

A vibrant city that never sleeps. We'll enjoy some of its famous museums and buzzing streets as well as exploring its hidden gems... Not to mention the local gastronomy! 

Spanish lesson in Madrid

Practise Spanish!

Dynamic and engaging activities to improve your communication skills while getting to know more about Spanish culture.

Students in a guide tour Madrid

Live the culture!

Cultural activities and visits that'll give you the chance to practise what you learn in class in a wholly Spanish environment.

Luggage to go abroad

Book it!

Included in this immersion programme are your Spanish course, cultural visits and accommodation.

Don't miss your chance!

La Latina Madrid

Discover Madrid.

Madrid, cheerful and vibrant any time of the day and night, is famous for being an open and welcoming city for people from all over the world.

Beyond its famous museums, busy streets dotted with all kinds of shops, restaurants showcasing the best of world cuisine and an unbeatable nightlife, Madrid will also surprise you with historic spots that charm all passers-by. Here you'll find  traditional, family-run, century-old bars where friends meet up for drinks, and myriad neighbourhoods and cultural hot-spots that offer up an alternative type of tourism. Madrid's authenticity is had to beat. It is welcoming and diverse. Madrid is - without a doubt - one of Europe's most interesting cities. 

Discover Madrid

Practise Spanish.

10 hour cultural Spanish course.

Our main objective with this course is to develop students' communication skills. Building from cultural classes and a focus on the everyday, students will develop the tools necessary to communicate and get by in diverse, day-to-day situations in a practical way. And all within a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Studying Spanish in Madrid
Practise Spanish
Students at Las Tablas Madrid

Live the culture.

Cultural activities and visits that'll encourage the students to interact and put their Spanish knowledge into practice.

  • Museo Reina Sofía.

  • La Bodega de los Secretos.

  • Malasaña, La Latina...

  • Daytrip to Aranjuez.

  • More...

Cultural visits
Book it!

Book your place!

Dates: Sunday 2nd till Friday 7th June

This trip includes:

  • 5 night accommodation at Hotel Gran Legazpi.

  • Cultural Spanish course (10 hours).

  • Welcome pack and materials.

  • Daily breakfast and lunch or dinner with the teachers.

  • Cultural activities and tickets.

  • Day trip to Aranjuez.

  • Transport in Madrid. 

Single bedroom fee: £1,265 per person*

Please read our Terms & Conditions.

Deadline to book your place: Monday 4th March

Visit Madrid city centre


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